Important Announcement for our August Playdate

We are filming with Jon Roberts of Barcroft Media at our next Play Date, Saturday, August 4th.  We get frequent inquiries about our club from prospective film makers, but rarely take offers.  Taking offers requires a lot of thorough vetting (pun intended) to ensure the safety of those in our club.   Our club exists primarily to have fun, educate, and provide safe spaces for people to play in (see our Mission Statement), and so, we are wary of film makers who might exploit us or put our unique activities on display in a mocking way.

We are happy to report that Joe and Barcroft Media has passed our test and we have welcomed him to come and learn about what we do and why we do it.  (This is not the first time we have allowed this; Weird Threads covered one of our fox hunts, and Playboy visited us after DomCon for one of our Play Dates.)

We are receiving $500 towards our Club Activity Funds.  Please participate and show your support!

Wear masks /hoods if you do not want your face on camera!

We have some to borrow.  As always, never assume no one is taking your photo image.  We will try to secure a “safe space” to hang and chat without worry of media presence and will provide colored wristbands to those who do NOT want to be on camera, but if you are very private, please be aware of the presence of cameras at our next Plate Date.

To any Ponies, or other clubs/organizations reading this: Yes, when media contacts you to film your kink or your fetish, they are doing so to make a viable product to sell to make a living off of.  There is nothing wrong with this, but be sure to do your research and do your due diligence in ensuring you will be portrayed as you want to be portrayed.  Ask for something for your club as compensation. You deserve epic treatment and utmost respect!

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