Mission Statement

We are a community of pony play and critter play enthusiasts.

The mission of our group is to promote and maintain pony and critter play in Los Angeles that is recognized positively within pony play, critter play and BDSM communities worldwide.

Our goal is to provide a safe environment for pony and critter play enthusiasts to meet and play in Los Angeles and to have fun. We embrace pony and critter play. We host a Los Angeles Pony and Critter play date regularly, a Fox Hunt twice a year, a Derby and other Pony & Critter events.

Our Presentations, Munches, Play Dates and Events provide a forum for the sharing of information, resources and ideas regarding pony and critter play. We provide opportunities for the training on specific skills and topics regarding pony play and critter play. We encourage awareness and interest about pony play and critter play in BDSM communities. We adhere to and promote the BDSM philosophy of “safe, sane and consensual.”