Presenter Classes


We at the LAPCC love to share our experiences and knowledge of petplay.  Please contact us if you would like us to present at an event, fair, or convention!


Taught by SubMissAnn

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“D/s behaviors of Equines and Incorporating Horse behaviors into your Pony Play”

We will look at Horse behaviors, psychology and personality quirks. We will focus on key behaviors to raise your Pony Play to the next level. This is an interactive workshop.

“Using Pony Play to reinforce the D/s dynamic in your relationship”

subMissAnn will share techniques every Top can use to have fun, be intimate and enforce the D/s dynamic in your relationship using Pony Play. Pony gear and tack is for communication and control. Without buying a trunk full of expensive gear and tack, subMissAnn will demonstrate easy DIY substitutes and how to use them. Need to put “fun” back in your relationship (?) – we’ve got your back.


“Pony Play in Small Spaces”

We don’t always have the luxury of nice roomy corrals to play in nor enjoyably sunny weather to use them. subMissAnn will discuss and demonstrate washing and grooming your Pony, transition into Veterinarian Play (giving a pony a Vet check-up) and demonstrate tight space reining games. subMissAnn’s “Rainy Day” Pony Play actives are intimate, bond building and fun!

“Pony Play, a History using documentation of Art, Literature and Media”

What is the history of Pony Play? What documentation do we have? Who has done this play before us?  Let’s take a look!  Using ancient written or drawn sources, art and modern print sources what do we know regarding the history of Pony Play?


“Pony Play for the New Pony and Trainer”

There is a call for many to be a Pony or to own, train and care for a Pony.  How do you start out?  How do you see to the needs of your Pony?  How do you bring to life these fantasies you have?  How do you make it real?  How do you create perfect scenes and get what you want out of being a human pet owner?  How/where do you shop for the “stuff”?

“Pony Play 103”
“Pony Play Training Techniques”

You have a human Pony to play with, so, what do you do with a human Pony? subMissAnn demonstrates techniques of grooming and training your human pony using lunging, ground driving, jumps and cart play. This class will cover tools you need, basics for a good foundation and guidelines for years of fun play with your pony.

“Pony Play 104”
“Grooming and After Care Pony Play”

This workshop explores all the techniques of grooming your human Pony. subMissAnn discusses establishing a connection with your Pony before practice/training sessions and how to do that. She will demonstrate techniques of showing your Pony positive reinforcement. This workshop also explores AfterCare of your Pony, techniques and skills required to be effective and thorough in taking care of your Pony after your active pony play is done.


“Pony Play 102”

Walk, trot, gallop, prance, Spanish walk, side step, cross over using two hooves or four hooves while only standing on two. What it means to collect or extend a gait. What half and full pass means. Canter. How to know your lead foot. Flying lead changes. A fun, practical, and interactive pony play workshop, in which everyone will be invited to participate doing unless physically unable.



Taught by PepperPup with her trainer, Pollux.

“Puppy Play 101”

What puppy play is and isn’t, the different types of pups, headspace, basic training, gear, and resources for those curious about puppy play.  An interactive class.  The fundamental puppy play class… no bones about it!

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“The Chewed Boot Paradox: A Headspace and Psychology Class”

This class will answer the age-old question of who’s a good dog?  Is it you?  Are you a good dog?  …for those already curious, interested, or involved in petplay, this advanced class covers pet “headspace” and psychology, as well as movement and restraint for the human pet, with particular focus on four-legged species such as pups, kittens, and foxes.  Also covered are resources, myths, and communications recommended for the most fulfilling petplay experience.  While mainly targeted at human pets, there is plenty for the clever trainer to learn in this interactive class on human-animal roleplay and its role in the D/s and leather communities.  Participants are encouraged to bring gear, questions, and treats for Pepper.  Good Pepper.  Good dog.  Yes you are.

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“Advanced Puppy Play”

For those already familiar with puppy play, this class expands on movements, restraints, and activities beyond simple obedience training, including scent trials, herding, agility, and other “advanced” or long-term activities for pups looking for a bit more discipline.