Coming to The LAPACC Pony Track and Play Arena? What you need to know logistically.

Our space is in Tarzana, California. That is on the westside of the San Fernando Valley. The closest airport is Van Nuys Airport. The closest big Airport is Burbank Airport. Sometimes air fares to Burbank are more than LAX and sometimes they are less. Check it out. If you fly into LAX, you have a longer commute to the Valley than you do flying into Burbank. Does the Ground Transportation balance out the air fare?

I love the Pacific Sunsurfer Train that travels from San Diego up to Union Station Los Angeles. Given current gas prices you cannot beat this public transpiration rate. of $36.00 each way.

There is a FlyAway Bus from Union Bus Station or LAX to the Van Nuys Airport ($9.75/$19.50). You can then take a cab or Uber to us or your close hotel. You can also take a Flyaway Bus from LAX to Union Station.

There is Line 422 Bus that goes from Union Station to Tarzana ($1 – $3), then transfer to Line 240 Bus $2 – $4).  Or from Union Station take the B Line (Red) and then catch the Metro L Line (Orange) and exit at the Tampa station and only walk .4 miles. Metro train map

The closest within walking distance hotel is Tarzana Inn. It is clean, we found the front desk staff customer friendly, and it is affordable.

Restaurants close to the Tarzana Inn: Order Online You will find a Mediterranean option, Sushi, Fish Grill, There is also a Russian Market, Oliv’e Food Market, across the street which is amazing. Black Bear Restaurant has delivery. Restaurants with Delivery near Tarzana Inn.

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