The Spring Cart Pull and Romp at Mile Square Park

The Dom Con L.A. Pet and Pony Awards Shows (2015)

DomCon L.A. is produced by Mistress Cyan, while the DomCon L.A. Pet and Pony Shows are organised by Mistress Ann and Mistress Ellen.

Photography by RedLyons and SJ Studio 1.

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The Long Beach Pride Parade

Photo Credit: Ignacio “Iggy” Lopez

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The San Francisco Pride Parade

This historic Pride Parade was on June 28th,  just two days after the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide in the United States.  What a wonderful time to be alive!

Photo Credits to the wonderful, amazing, and always supportive CPony, whose site we can’t recommend enough!

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The San Diego Pride Parade

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The Summer Cart Pull and Romp at Mile Square Park

With 4 ponies, 2 foxes, 1 puppy, and 1 bio-puppy, it’s no wonder we received a visit from the Bluebird of Happiness!

Antebellum Art Gallery had a “Dog and Pony Show,” featuring art inspired by the petplay community.  With more than ten featured artists, this was an incredible event!  You can check out their site and more pictures here.

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When we’re not busy at parades or petplay 101 classes, we’re chilling at our playdates, taking selfies.  Bonus pics: subMissAnn got a lasso!

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