Spring and Fall Fox Hunts

 “Release the Hounds!”

The fox hunt is a biannual event that takes place at various national campgrounds, and one of our most publicized events.  Our fox hunts involve 1-5 foxes attempting to run from our puppies, who track them and alert pony-rider teams when a fox is cornered or captured.  We have been mentioned on Wikipedia and on the television show Weird Threads:


We have 1-5 confirmed foxes for the event.  If you wish to be a fox, please contact us.

The foxes are released from their “den” at 11:30 and given a 10 to 20 minutes head-start.  They may go in any direction they like.  Each fox has flags, representing scent; they must place the flags as they run.  Each flag must be visible from another nearby flag.  Foxes may double back, plant false trails, climb trees, hide, wait, cross streams, or do any other activity a fox would so long as they leave a clear trail for the dogs to follow.

The hounds follow the scent and alert the humans by barking.  The ponies and “riders” follow the dogs.  All humans will have hunting horns to call dogs to them if they spot a fox.  If captured (tagged, pinned, or cornered by a hound), the fox will then be de-tailed by a human hunter.

Being a social event, the hunt is followed by a pot luck dinner and toast.

Because this is a public event, please make sure all pink bits are covered; dress should be relatively family friendly.

Spectators are welcome to follow the Hunt and partake in the Feast; everyone is required to bring a potluck item.

We always leave our camp site in better condition than when we arrived.  We will not tolerate littering.

Be prepared!  Always bring more water than you need, emergency supplies, toilet paper, and bug spray.  It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!


The Fall Fox Hunt

**The Fall 2018 Fox Hunt is Saturday, October 6th**

We typically hold the Fall Fox Hunt at Heaton Flats on the first Saturday of October, with camping throughout the weekend.  Parking is at the Bridge to Nowhere Trail Entrance.

Getting to the Trailhead:

From Interstate 210 in Azusa, take Azusa Avenue (Hwy 39) north about 12 miles to the junction of East Fork Road (8.6 miles from the forest station at the mouth of the canyon). Turn right, cross the bridge and continue driving east on East Fork Road 5.1 miles to the junction of Glendora Mountain Road. Continue straight another 1.4 miles to the East Fork parking lot. The lot holds about 40 vehicles, but on busy weekends it’s not uncommon to find the lot full and cars parked along the road. A National Forest Adventure Pass is required. SAN GABRIEL MOUNTAINS IS REGION 5 AND THE SAME ADVENTURE PASS FOR LOS PADRES MOUNTAINS.

As you enter the parking lot, on your right is a wilderness information display. This is where you can obtain a free, self-issued wilderness permit.

Trail Description:

Pass the locked vehicle gate and begin walking on the dirt fire-road northward. The road descends and ascends mildly as you traverse the east bank of the San Gabriel River’s East Fork. This first section is well traveled as multitudes trek to the Bridge to Nowhere.  At 0.5 mile you approach the Heaton Flat campground shaded in a grove of pines.

Schedule for The Fox Hunt Day Event:

Check-in for participants is at 10 am sharp on Saturday.  At 11 am we have our “Stirrup Cup:” the traditional toast to begin the festivities.  The hunt begins at 11:30 am, and usually lasts 1-2 hours, with a potluck feast to follow.


The Spring Fox Hunt

**The Spring 2019 Fox Hunt is Saturday, April 13th**

We will hold the Spring Fox Hunt at Sycamore Campground in the Point Mugu State Park on Saturday, April 13th, with camping Friday April 12th and Saturday April 13th.

We have reserved two campsites with room for 6 cars and 16 people.  We will get two campsites adjacent to each other assigned when a Member gets there.  Two cars are included with the reservation.  On a first come, first serve basis, additional cars pay $13.00 per night for parking.

Sycamore Canyon Campground. Generally accessible campsites are available. Meanwhile, many sites have accessible picnic tables. Other generally level, large sites are at least usable. Restrooms with showers: All campground restroom toilets are generally accessible. Designated accessible shower stalls are usable. Routes of travel: Distances vary but routes to accessible restrooms are generally accessible. Parking: Designated accessible parking adjacent to restrooms.

Sycamore Canyon campground gates open at 8am and close at 10pm. No entry after 10pm.

Point Mugu State Park, located in the Santa Monica Mountains, features five miles of ocean shoreline, with rocky bluffs, sandy beaches, sand dunes, rugged hills and uplands, two major river canyons and wide grassy valleys dotted with sycamores, oaks and a few native walnuts. There are more than 70 miles of hiking trails. The beach also features swimming, body surfing and surf fishing. The park includes the jagged pinnacles of the Boney Mountains State Wilderness Area.

Sycamore Canyon Trail This trail route starts from the park campground and follows a maintenance road 6.5 miles from Sycamore Canyon to Deer Camp Junction. This trail route is relatively flat with a firm stable surface and could be usable throughout the majority of the trail by some visitors with disabilities. There is a creek crossing a ¾ mile up the trail that may prevent access to some visitors and multiple creek crossings thereafter up to Deer Canyon Junction.


The beach is 15 miles south of Oxnard on Highway One. 

9000 W. Pacific Coast Highway, 
Malibu, CA 90265

Dogs in Parks

Dogs on a leash are allowed in the Park’s day use areas, campgrounds and beaches. Dogs are not allowed on the backcountry trails or dirt roads. 


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