Pony Carting in Dec 2020

We were blessed, and invited to a large estate that has a Pony Carting track around the rim of it. It is blocked from view of the public by a tall wall around the perimeter of the estate. While carting, there was no one around us, just the Pony in a mask and the Rider. Coming back to the barn we engaged in the most folks, our Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club pod of four folks. There was a live stream video of us, and those videographers stayed more than six feet away at all times. The host came by to great us, masked and we touched elbows. Our afternoon was glorious, filled with sunshine and Pony Play. Arriving around 1 PM, the bulk of guests were to arrive for an Art Show at 4 PM. There were a few early comers as the afternoon went on. We enrolled one guest to try out being a Pony (oh my gosh, she loved it) and two guests to take reins (geez, they really loved it) because this is how we roll.

Equus IPP Virtual Event Saturday, August 15

Meeting and Greet Saturday August 15 Noon PST (3 PM EST)

This is a time to say hello to everyone, chat, have side chats, meet and be merry!

Tromper and Handler Jenn will be hosting the hour.

Memory Lane Saturday August 15 1 PM PST (4 PM EST)

Please have a note pad. You will be assigned a number as you log in.

Please have a story/experience/a telling of a favorite part of Equus IPPE to share with the group. Miss Ann will call out numbers for folks to speak in a managed way.

15 minute Presentations with 15 minute Q and A Saturday August 15 2 PM PST (5 PM EST)

Miss Liza and her slave Jody “Draft Horse Headspace.”

Ferdinand and Miss Liza

Tromper and Handler Jenn “Unspoken Language of Pony Play”

At Midnight or so, after a long two days of competing, North American Pony 2020, Tromper, and North American Pony Trainer 2020, Handler Jenn, receive their mantle, sash and patches.

How to Make Jumps with Madam Shadow Saturday August 15 3 PM PST (6 PM EST)

Madam Shadow

How to Make a portable Jousting Game with Miss Ann Saturday August 15 4 PM (7 PM EST)

Miss Ann

Pony Play Red Carpet Party Saturday August 15 5 PM PST – ?

Please have a note pad. You will be assigned a number as you log in. Miss Ann will assign numbers. Time to strut your BEST!

Handler Jenn and Tromper will be doing Red Carpet Interviews with you.

At any time, you are welcome to have side chat conversations with those at the event online, you can even form group chats. This is a FREE event for us to gather virtually and connect. Giddy Up!

the link for the event:


A thoughtful interview

Hello everyone! Since we’ve all been at home lately, there have been a lot of people pursuing creative endeavors, including reading, writing, painting, textiles, sculpting, and graphic design.

Today we’d like to highlight a very thought-provoking interview with subMissAnn, the founder of the LAPCC, in which she discusses her life as an “evolving artist” and speaks to her human side. It’s a lovely piece and it’s nice to see one that represents one of us as a fully-formed, complex, and multi-faceted human being.

I love the phrase “versatile artist” and think it applies to a large number – perhaps the majority – of us petplayers!

Click here to read A Rhythmic Context: Interview with Ann, a Versatile Artist.

Upcoming Flash Sale

Happy Pride Month! Marks your calendars for a flash sale this coming weekend, and buy discount EQUUS tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/equus-international-pony-play-event-tickets-84458131545

COVID-19 Pre-cautions in Place for Equus IPPE 2020:

Due to Covid-19 safety concerns, this event has been logistically created differently than any other Equus IPPE.

Our event has 4050 square feet of ballroom space with 12’ ceilings.

A map was created to give each team or single Pony private space (4′ x 4′) with 6’ between each space and walking path space to the event arena. As folks have registered these spaces have been assigned.

The outer corral is 30’ x 60’, the inner corral 20’ x 40’. Only one team at a time enters per game run and all touched surfaces (except the floor) are cleaned in between participants.

There are 2 Pony Stations to tie off your Ponies. This is valuable if you have more than one to take into the ring or if there are Single Ponies waiting for the House Handler. One Pony per Station.

Social Distances are established and marked. There is an enforced limited number of possible attendees for safety.

Upon check-in you will be given a reversible filter mask made by Sarge (IMsl2015, our Estrella Pony).

Gloves will be available in S – M- L – XL sizes.

The Pony Carts will be cleaned after each use.

As always, we want you to have fun and be safe.

Our NAPT Title Holders Are Awesome!

North American Pony Trainer 2020 team, Domina Jenn and Tromper Bluroan, all our love goes out to you.

We want everyone to know that we have extended Travel Funds for all the postponed and cancelled events they were scheduled to Present at this year to be available for when these events occur again. They are a fabulous Pony/Trainer team, and deserve the opportunity to have their full say on Pony Play. The Covid-19 pandemic has altered some of their plans. However, these plans are POSTPONED, not cancelled. We know Domina and Tromper will do great things once the Cons start up again and it is safe for them to travel!

Nice mask, Tromper!

We were delighted to see Tromper via video chat this week. We are having our video chats using https://meet.jit.si/ (“Jitsi” rhymes with “bitsy”) which is good because it is free and you do not need to sign up for an account to join.

We are still accepting applications for North American Pony 2021… at least until the end of the month! You must complete and send your application form with all attachments and fee by May 31st, 2020 at 11:59 PM if you would like to compete.

You can buy tickets to the event here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/equus-international-pony-play-event-tickets-84458131545

A reminder that this event will provide masks for anyone who attends. We MUST ensure a safe event for our wonderful ponies, trainers, friends, and community. Thanks to everyone for being safe and kind.

EQUUS Leaks: New Events

Hey everyone! We had a great IN-PERSON hangout at Griffith Park this week! It was good to see your faces. Or at least, half of them. Everyone wore their masks and maintained their distance. We are very proud of ourselves for demonstrating and practicing the most up-to-date recommendations.

This is also very good because we are all looking forward to Equus in August, and knowing that everyone can follow the rules, we are confident in our ability to have a safe and fun event. CLICK HERE for more information about EQUUS, including the event location and a link to buy tickets.

Here’s some exciting news that was revealed at our last playdate. This year we are including a new event: jousting.

You definitely won’t want to miss it!

We try to keep EQUUS fresh and exciting every year. If you have an idea, let us know! The only thing we are limited by is our safety and our imaginations. If we can adapt an activity to do safely, then we are always enthusiastic to try!

May Playdate

As many of you know, our governor is taking steps to open up California slowly and carefully. We have been closely following official guidelines to ensure the safety of our group during these difficult times.

Our May play date is Saturday, May 16, Noon to 3 p.m. in Kenneth Hahn Park – Olympic Forest. We feel that our emotional, mental and spiritual health it is important to gather this Saturday. There are more aspects to one’s well being than just physical safety.  We need each other, we need to be seen, heard and known.  We need to do it correctly and safely.

LA County has begun reopening parks while requiring visitors to practice social distancing. Remember that opportunities to visit parks depend on Angelino’s dedication to acting safely to prevent transmission. If we’re irresponsible, infections will go up and parks will be closed. When we go out, we’ve always had a high burden to represent ourselves well, so we have practice being safe and setting a good example for those who see us.

As usual we will be meeting in the grassy area of the park called “Olympic Forest,” which is past the Japanese gardens.

Here are some resources and some guidelines below for staying safe:
Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area [lacounty.gov]
COVID-19 Safety Guidelines [lacounty.gov]

* Do not visit public trails and trailheads if feeling sick and/or exhibiting any symptoms of illness.
* Physical distancing of 6 feet always required. No group gathering allowed on trails or in the parking lot.
* Everyone needs a face covering at the trailhead/parking lots and on any trails where there are other groups of people nearby.
* Avoid popular locations that are prone to crowds.
* Alert trail users of your presence and step aside to let others pass.
* Bring water, hand sanitizer, and/or disinfecting wipes to wash or sanitize hands frequently.* Wash hands when leaving and entering the house, and avoid touching surfaces or ones’ face while out.

It is supposed to be nice and sunny, with 50% humidity and above 80 degrees. PLEASE do remember your masks if you come!! Also, please remember it is $6 cash to enter the park on Saturday, and a $10 donation to the LAPCC to participate.

Stay safe!