Puppypalooza and Derby Day

Welcome to 2019!  In case you missed our last post, this is a reminder that we have two BIG events coming up.

Puppypalooza is on February 9th and is being hosted by Tony Bark, who is LA Pup 2019You can buy tickets by clicking here!

Derby Day is on May 4th and is being held at larger indoor location.  You can check out the Facebook page here!

Can’t wait that long?  Never fear.  The LAPCC will be hosting a Dog and Pony show at Sin in the City on February 1st.  This convention in Vegas includes the International Person of Leather title competition and features several classes on petplay and ponyplay.  We hope to see you there!  Click the logo for more info.

…and a happy new year!

RIP, 2018, and hellooooo 2019!

We have a lot of events coming up in the new year.  Let’s talk about two of them now!

Puppypalooza will be on February 9th, a Saturday.  Puppypalooza is a one-day critter event designed to showcase the varied type of petplay and pet discipline. Check-in begins at 10 am, and events begin at 11 am. Cost of admission is $15 online or $20 at the door for Participants and Spectators alike. Entrants are encouraged to register by February 1st to guarantee a spot in all events.  You can purchase tickets here. This event is Potluck. This is a charity event; all proceeds benefit the ASPCA.

Derby Day will be May 4th (same as the Kentucky Derby!). This event benefits the No-Kill Los Angeles Animal Adoption Center. Doors open at 12:30 PM. We ask for a donation of $20.00 at the door (though you can provide more if you like!) for betting tickets.  All of the betting ticket money goes directly to the No-Kill LA Adoption Center.

Everyone coming through the door receives 6 tickets. You may purchase betting tickets for $1 each. You cannot participate in the betting nor the Arcade Game without tickets. There will be a sign that explains how the win bets of each race are determined. All bets are placed before each race. Two winners from each race win EQUUS all natural handcrafted soap that have been donated to our club.

Races for the Day:

1. Derby Race

2. Steeplechase Race

3. Greyhound Race

4. Pacer Race

5. Puppy Hurdle Race

6. Trotter Race

After the races, there will be an Arcade Game. This game involves shooting foam darts at human Animal Role Players as they march back and forth, as on an arcade track. Participates buy a “round” of darts ($10) to shoot at targets.

Again: All Betting Monies and Arcade Game Tickets Monies go directly to the NO-Kill Los Angeles Adoption Center.

One Pony and one Critter with the most ribbon points (Blue ribbon = 3 points, Red ribbon = 2 points, Yellow ribbon = 1 point) will be awarded a Saturday Day Pass to DomConLA.

Acknowledgements to Our Sponsor: MCC United Church Of Christ In The Valley

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays!  Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Yule, Festivus, or nothing at all, we hope you have a warm, wonderful season full of joy and laughter.

Handlers, are you planning to spoil your pets?  Now is a good time to look up some gear.  For the pups, might we recommend Geared Up Pup, which has such essentials as kneepads and mitts.  For the ponies, contact Olde Armoury Leather for reins, bridles, or harnesses.  Want more?  There’s a huge list here on Reddit’s petplay forum.  And of course you can always find interesting goodies just by looking around.  Etsy has a number of amazing, customizable gear, and someone recently spotted this fox hood on a Facebook page for Wasteland Weeekend!

Petplay can be good exercise!

One of the many aspects of petplay is that it allows us to get into touch with our bodies and use them in new, exciting ways.  Most people don’t run on all fours… but if they did, they might discover what an incredible workout it is!

This 68-year-old man dresses up and works out as a leopard… and like most leopards, he’s looking FIERCE! 

Feeling festive yet?

December is here!  And with it, our last playdate of the year (December 8th, 1-4 pm) and our annual holiday part (December 15th, 12 noon).

As a reminder, our holiday party includes a gift exchange and we encourage people to bring crafted goods.  Are you in the mood yet?  Check out the DIY for the above horsehead wreath, from the talent Kristie Gill!

Thanksgiving Left-Overs

This year, as every year, we are thankful for all of our ponies, critters, trainers, handlers, and allies who make this club such a wonderful social group.

Remember that most foods that are safe for humans are NOT safe for bio-pets.  Do the right thing with your left-overs and feed them to your human pets, instead!

Still hungry?  Never fear.  There will be food galore at our annual holiday potluck feast and all the usual festivities, including a gift exchange!

Gift Exchange: $20 and under, we prefer treasures handcrafted by YOU, such as… chocolate anything, cookies, candles, ornaments, trinkets, items made from duct tape, knitted items, soup mix, or jewelry.

Plus: We will have a Leather gifting ceremony to honor those who went above and beyond this year.

Interested?  The Facebook event page is here!  RSVP today!

Get Your Christmas Portrait Taken!

As we near Thanksgiving and the weather turns, here is a PSA about your human pet…

…just kidding!  Here in southern California, it never gets too chilly.  Remember, we have playdates every month, all year ’round!  Check the calendar for dates and contact us if you’d like to attend.  Our playdates are outdoors and held at a private residence.

At December’s playdate, we will have Trevor (TrevorTraynor.com) bring his team out for FREE professional portraits.  This is an optional activity; no pressure for our ponies who are camera shy!

Welcome LA Pup 2019: Pepper!

CONGRATULATIONS to LA Pup 2019: pup Pepper (aka Tony Bark!)

It was a very close contest but Pepper brought home the title of LA Pup.  Pup Apollo will be serving as Alpha-Beta, and pup Flip is the second runner-up.

(Top: Apollo, Pepper, and Flip.  Bottom: Matthew (pup Ashtray) and Dan, the producers.)

Congratulations to all of the puppies who competed for the title, and thank you to all of the judges, coordinators, producers, sponsors, donors, and volunteers who made LA Pup Pride weekend a huge success!  You can see more photos and videos of Pepper’s run on our Facebook page, which has all of our most up-to-date info!

Upcoming Events: Playdates and Contests!

Alright, everyone, it’s November, and you know what that means… it’s time for the Los Angeles Pup title contest!

Last year’s winners were Rush and Apollo.

This year’s contestants include: Apollo, Faun, Flip, Indyana Bonez (last year’s Puppypalooza Best in Show winner!), Pepper (a longtime LAPCC member!), Rex, and Spro!

Come meet them (if you haven’t already) at the Meet n’ Greet at the Bullet Bar.  Come cheer them on at the LA Pup Contest.  (Buy your tickets early here, as this event is expected to sell out!)  Come congratulate the winner at the victory party at the Eagle on Santa Monica!

Don’t worry, ponies, we haven’t forgotten about you.  Our November playdate is on the 17th, from 1 – 4 pm.  This is a great opportunity to prance out in the open.  Also, Trevor the photographer will be there to take ponies’ photos (if they wish; this is free and optional).  We hope to see you there!