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As you hopefully know by now, EQUUS is coming up in just two shorts weeks!  If you aren’t aware of EQUUS, that’s okay… there’s still time to buy tickets!  EQUUS is an international pony play event that takes place for one glorious weekend, currently has 25 registered human ponies, and is hosting both the Queen’s Cup as well as the 2015 leather title for North American Pony/Trainer.  So it’s kind of a big deal.

Click the image below to go to the EQUUS website for more information, including ticket info!

Argaive D1788 14 Formatted

Now, we understand that an event as big and shiny as EQUUS might be a little daunting to some of you folks who are new, inexperienced, or have only just discovered human-animal roleplay.

Which is why the ever-incredible subMissAnn will be hosting a PetPlay 101 class with Stockroom University, and is inviting you to come along and enjoy the fun!  Stockroom University is located at 2811 W. Sunset Boulevard, and whether you’re new to the scene or quite familiar with it, we would love to see you there.

Stockroom Promo

If you just can’t wait, we are having our last “Hump Day Social” before EQUUS this Wednesday at Canter’s Del ion Fairfax  at 7 pm.  (“Canter,” you’ll be happy to notice, is a not-so-subtle horse pun.)  Our socials are a safe, vanilla place for people to come meet out club, talk to our members, and ask any questions they might have for us.

If you’re not quite ready for an event yet, that’s okay too, because we have added a Resources page for you to learn about human-animal roleplay.  You can find the link here, or you can select it the “About” menu at the top of the page.

Also, this coming week, we will begin sending out a monthly newsletter that details all our events for the coming months.  You can sign up here.

As always, we would like to remind our readers that our calendar is always kept updated about events that our club is directly involved with or planning to attend; you will always be able to find us at these events and we will welcome you there with open arms!  Or wings!  Or both, if we’re pegasuses!  …pegasi?  Never mind!  Come anyway, and tell us which version is correct.  (Pegasuseses…?)

This August, the Biggest Human Pony Event EVER!!!

Have you heard of EQUUS?  It’s an international pony play event that’s being held for the first time ever here in Los Angeles, and it’s kind of a big deal.

This event is like Western Day, the Jamboree, and DomCon all rolled into one fabulous weekend!

Ponies, trainers, and handlers can meet each other and compete in races, dressage events, reining and gait events, plus freestyle and open corral.  There are games to play, ribbons to win, and a mouth-watering selection of goodies being auctioned or sold by a huge number of vendors.  Whether you’re obsessed with pony play or just getting into it, this event will have something for you!

What’s more, there will be an elegant Friday dinner party at a private location with an outdoor corral for ponies, evening dungeon play parties, and  presentations on pony handling, suspension and rigging, and leather care.

This event also hosts the North American Pony/Trainer Leather Title and the Queen’s Cup.

So when is it, and where can I sign up??

EQUUS is primarily being held at Sanctuary in Los Angeles, near LAX airport.  The event takes place from August 7th to August 9th (Friday – Sunday).

There is limited space and time to sign up, so buy your tickets here!

Three Videos of the LAPCC: DomCon, PlayBoy, and Weird Threads!

Want to watch us doing what we do best?

Then you’re in luck! PlayBoy covered DomCon’s Pet Award Show, and then conducted a follow-up interview with us.

The videos can be watched here:

PlayBoy’s Coverage of DomCon

PlayBoy’s Coverage of PetPlay

Want more? Check out Weird Threads with Jonas Pratt, which covered one of our biannual fox hunts!

Weird Thread’s Coverage of our Fox Hunt

We are so happy to have people interested in our club, and willing to explore our fetish in an open and non-judgmental way. If these videos piqued your interest, consider coming to one of our upcoming socials and finding more about what we do!

Over the next few months, check back regularly, as we will begin updating our blog regularly and adding our 2015 photos.  Thank you for your support, and keep on puppin’!

~ Pepper

New Club T-Shirts!

Do you like T-Shirts?  Yes, of course you do.  Everyone does.  Get your swag on with new LAPCC t-shirts (design below).  At only $15 each, each shirt is printed on 100% pre-shrunk cotton.  Get yours today; contact us for more details and check back soon for information on our shiny new membership cards!

Pony Shirt Andy

It’s nearly 2015… get your Pony Play calendar now!

Are you into Pony Play?  Do you need a calendar?  Then we’ve got you covered!

EQUUS International has published a beautiful calendar filled with fine art, fetish, erotic art photography of human ponies, human horses, trainers and handlers.  There are twelve, count ’em, TWELVE calendar month feature pictures, plus four note pages.   The calendar includes 4 cover pages and 24 inner pages, 28 pages in total.  This is a limited edition of 250 copies only, so get yours now!

We’re on Wikipedia!

Look everyone, we’re famous!

It was recently brought to our attention that the Wikipedia entry for Animal Roleplay references our Fox Hunts, as follows:

One group, the LA Ponies and Critters Club, takes the community idea of BDSM animal roleplay further by staging a mock foxhunt in local forested areas. These events bring together ponyplayers, puppyplayers and their respective humans for a cooperative, community bonding activity. One of the canine players volunteers to be the “fox” and marks a trail in the forest. The other puppyplayers form the pack of “hounds” that search out the fox and bark/howl to bring the ponyplayers and their “riders” to capture the “fox.

How exciting is that?