Welcome LA Pup 2019: Pepper!

CONGRATULATIONS to LA Pup 2019: pup Pepper (aka Tony Bark!)

It was a very close contest but Pepper brought home the title of LA Pup.  Pup Apollo will be serving as Alpha-Beta, and pup Flip is the second runner-up.

(Top: Apollo, Pepper, and Flip.  Bottom: Matthew (pup Ashtray) and Dan, the producers.)

Congratulations to all of the puppies who competed for the title, and thank you to all of the judges, coordinators, producers, sponsors, donors, and volunteers who made LA Pup Pride weekend a huge success!  You can see more photos and videos of Pepper’s run on our Facebook page, which has all of our most up-to-date info!

Upcoming Events: Playdates and Contests!

Alright, everyone, it’s November, and you know what that means… it’s time for the Los Angeles Pup title contest!

Last year’s winners were Rush and Apollo.

This year’s contestants include: Apollo, Faun, Flip, Indyana Bonez (last year’s Puppypalooza Best in Show winner!), Pepper (a longtime LAPCC member!), Rex, and Spro!

Come meet them (if you haven’t already) at the Meet n’ Greet at the Bullet Bar.  Come cheer them on at the LA Pup Contest.  (Buy your tickets early here, as this event is expected to sell out!)  Come congratulate the winner at the victory party at the Eagle on Santa Monica!

Don’t worry, ponies, we haven’t forgotten about you.  Our November playdate is on the 17th, from 1 – 4 pm.  This is a great opportunity to prance out in the open.  Also, Trevor the photographer will be there to take ponies’ photos (if they wish; this is free and optional).  We hope to see you there!

Puppies spotted!

Last weekend was Reno Revelry (formerly Impact!), a wonderful BDSM education contest that hosted the first annual Nevada Bootblack Title Contest.  We were happy to see petplay classes and a petplay space.

Even more excitingly, Pepper found something interesting on the ride there… Dogtown!  (Click for full size.)

It just goes to show that there are ponies and puppies everywhere.  You just have to travel off the beaten path sometimes!

Foxes in the woods…

Earlier this month we had our Fall Fox Hunt  at Heaton Flat campground, in the Los Angeles National Forest.  The fox won!  Our spring fox hunt often takes place in Middle Lion campground, in the Los Padres National Forest.  (Although, two years ago, we went to Malibu’s Sycamore Creek campground.) 

What pony, puppy, fox, or other critter doesn’t love to explore the great, wide world?   Our playdates are usually outside and we invite you to join us!   Remember, we always host munches before our Hunts, and we are happy to offer carpools to those who need them.  This year’s fox hunt is over, and the fox is safe for now… but the hounds will have a chance to redeem themselves in the spring!

Extreme Love: Puppy Play

Another TV spot featuring members of our club is out on the internet!  We have gotten very mixed reviews from people, ranging from positive to negative, and we invite you to watch and form your own opinion.

All of the videos we do are cleared with all members before we film them, and we select for production companies who are willing to work with us in a respectful manner.  The general public does not understand human-animal roleplay, and that is why some of us choose to put ourselves out there.  Education has always been part of the mission of the LAPCC!

Autumn is for Apples, and Apples are for Ponies

Last week’s Fox Hunt was a roaring success… our fox got away (and also snuck into camp and ate a pumpkin muffin while the hound was still on the trail).

(Artist Credit: Huussii)

The Fall Fox Hunt is one of the last BIG events of the year, but never fear, there are plenty more intimate meetings throughout the year!  We have three more playdates: October 20th, November 17th, and December 8th.  Our annual Christmas party is TBD, so please come to the October or November playdate to discuss!  Every year, we have a gift exchange and it’s always a wonderful time.

Need more events?  Remember, Barking Billiards is every Tuesday at the Eagle Bar in Long Beach, and on October 30th, they are having a special Howl-o-ween event!  Some of our pups will be there, so don’t miss out!

Folsom Fashion!

Who attended Folsom this weekend?  Folsom Street Fair has been around since 1984 and is the world’s largest leather event!  We have always had ponies there; the Critter / Creature Cavalcade and Pony Parade are a part of this amazing weekend.  Here’s an example of the Cavalcade from 2013.  Our very own subMissAnn was there last weekend giving pony cart rides… and as always, got her mane done up in some pretty elaborate braids! 

Mark your calendars now for next year; Folsom is always the last weekend of September!

Fall Munch and Fox Hunt!

The Fox Hunt is Saturday, October 6th.

Have you heard of it?  Are you curious?  Surely, this year, you’d like to participate?

Yes, that is us!  And you can join us! Come have fun – we always do.  🙂

The first step is to come to this Fox Hunt Social. If we don’t know you or you have NEVER been to any of our Fox Hunts, you must attend the social.

It is also nice for ALL the people planning on participating in the Fox Hunt to attend the social, as this way we have a better idea how many Foxes, how many Pups, how many Ponies we have, even if you have gone before. The Experts answer the questions of the novice players. We need you there!

We are meeting October 3rd at 7 PM at El Bravo Rio, located at 5853 W Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232.  There will be a tan horse on the table so that you can spot us!

2019 is fast approaching…

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a month since EQUUS.  Time flies when you’re having fun!

Since we know that sometimes dates can creep up on us, we are already working on EQUUS 2019.

The Equus IPPE 2019 Event Schedule outline is up.  It includes Draft Horse Games!  Click here to see what awaits you in next year’s EQUUS program.

Can’t wait ’til then?  Remember, our biannual fox hunt is this fall.  We will be chasing down human foxes on October 6th at Heaton Flats campground.   More info here!

Stable Architecture

Remember whenever you were rough housing as a kid, and your mom would ask you if you were “raised in a barn?”

Well, now you can say YES!

AR Design Studio in the United Kingdom is one of many companies who are working on converting old stable and coach houses into modern living spaces for humans.  Of course, if you’re a human pony, living in a barn is a dream come true.  These converted stables are a perfect combination of modern and rustic design, and we love them!