2019 is fast approaching…

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a month since EQUUS.  Time flies when you’re having fun!

Since we know that sometimes dates can creep up on us, we are already working on EQUUS 2019.

The Equus IPPE 2019 Event Schedule outline is up.  It includes Draft Horse Games!  Click here to see what awaits you in next year’s EQUUS program.

Can’t wait ’til then?  Remember, our biannual fox hunt is this fall.  We will be chasing down human foxes on October 6th at Heaton Flats campground.   More info here!

Stable Architecture

Remember whenever you were rough housing as a kid, and your mom would ask you if you were “raised in a barn?”

Well, now you can say YES!

AR Design Studio in the United Kingdom is one of many companies who are working on converting old stable and coach houses into modern living spaces for humans.  Of course, if you’re a human pony, living in a barn is a dream come true.  These converted stables are a perfect combination of modern and rustic design, and we love them!  

Pony and Puppy Art by James Newland

There are a million ways pony play (and pet play as a whole) can be integrated into other types of scenes.  Some people like pony play to fulfill fantasies of humiliation and degradation, while others like to be pampered and groomed.  Some human ponies enjoy the bondage-like aspect of being fitted with reins, hooves, and other tack, while some human ponies enjoy the freedom that comes with being able to run across a wide, open pasture.

Source: James Newland

Whatever it is that interests you about pony play, the LAPCC is here to help!  We have playdates every month and 4-6 BIG events every year, such as Derby Day or Puppypalooza.  Coming up soon is our fall fox hunt, and we’re already looking for ponies, hounds, and foxes to participate!  Check out our calendar to see what we’re up to!

Pup Event in North Hollywood!

This weekend is the fourth celebration of Dog Pound, a puppy mosh held at the Bullet Bar in North Hollywood.  SoCal has a vibrant community with lots of ponies and puppies; the LAPCC loves to cross-promote and work with other communities to ensure that human ponies, puppies, kitties, and other critters can have as many opportunities as possible to explore animal roleplay!

Dog Pound includes a puppy mosh (no gear required!) with lots of toys and treats.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet some of LA’s leather and rubber pups, including current LA Pup title holder, Rush. Everyone 21+ is welcome to join, and there will be members of the Los Angeles Mutt Pack as well as the Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club.  Woof!

Do you like statistics?

Every year, the Tumblr blog Good Dog Girls conducts a large petplay survey.  They seek out petplayers on Reddit, Tumblr, and FetLife to ask questions about people’s play preferences and involvement in the community.  This year they got over 1,600 responses in the span of two months, and put together some graphs for everyone.

Click for full size!

You can view the survey preview here or go to the Tumblr links above to check on the most up-to-date stats.  This is a good reminder that pet play is for everyone and ours is a diverse and inclusive community!

Post-EQUUS Congratulations and Thanks

Hello everyone!  We had a wonderful time at EQUUS with over 20 ponies.  We would like to especially thank producer subMissAnn, our staff coordinator Raven Darknights, and Mistress Cyan for hosting us at Sanctuary.  We were also thrilled to have two judges who are previous EQUUS participants and award recipients, Charisma and Speckles.

And of course, thanks to all of our pony and trainer participants, as well as our spectators and sponsors.  We could not have done it without you!  Our biggest sponsors included:

We also would like to thank Mistress Michelle Lacy and her pony pet, Dr. Pony Bat Bond, who helped sponsor some of our awards, including the Western Belt Buckle and the Eventing Plate.

Left to right, top: Fiorgra, Charisma, Noishe, Honeydove, subMissAnn, Clover
Bottom: Goddess V (beloved volunteer) and Tony Bark (MC)

All of the ponies were winners (we had nine ponies who placed in ten events!) but here are some of the highlights:

Trainer Awards

English Plate – Ms. Liza
Western Buckle – Vic Sharpe
Pony Master – Fiorghra


Reserve Champion:   Fiorghra

Grand Champion:   Noishe

High Point Award:    Honeydove

Pony Spirit Award:   Honeydove

Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time and effort.  We are happy to continue to grow the EQUUS event year after year.  We’re already looking forward to the next!

Attention Sheeple…

Calling all SHEEP!

If you are interested in being herded, volunteer this weekend at EQUUS.  We have an event called Cutting.  This is a western-style equestrian event that is essentially herding for horses.  If you’ve ever been to a rodeo you might have seen this.

We are in need of sheep for our ponies to herd into pens.  This event is great fun for ponies, sheep, and, of course, spectators.

Less than 2 Weeks until EQUUS!

If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, get them before it’s too late!  EQUUS is coming up soon.  Buy yours here.

We have only one playdate before EQUUS so if you’d like to come out to train or socialize, come on out!  Please note that we are having filmmakers at the August playdate, so if you do not want to be on camera, exercise caution.  There is more information about the filming in our last blog post.

Hope to see you at EQUUS!  It’s going to be a fabulous time!

Important Announcement for our August Playdate

We are filming with Jon Roberts of Barcroft Media at our next Play Date, Saturday, August 4th.  We get frequent inquiries about our club from prospective film makers, but rarely take offers.  Taking offers requires a lot of thorough vetting (pun intended) to ensure the safety of those in our club.   Our club exists primarily to have fun, educate, and provide safe spaces for people to play in (see our Mission Statement), and so, we are wary of film makers who might exploit us or put our unique activities on display in a mocking way.

We are happy to report that Joe and Barcroft Media has passed our test and we have welcomed him to come and learn about what we do and why we do it.  (This is not the first time we have allowed this; Weird Threads covered one of our fox hunts, and Playboy visited us after DomCon for one of our Play Dates.)

We are receiving $500 towards our Club Activity Funds.  Please participate and show your support!

Wear masks /hoods if you do not want your face on camera!

We have some to borrow.  As always, never assume no one is taking your photo image.  We will try to secure a “safe space” to hang and chat without worry of media presence and will provide colored wristbands to those who do NOT want to be on camera, but if you are very private, please be aware of the presence of cameras at our next Plate Date.

To any Ponies, or other clubs/organizations reading this: Yes, when media contacts you to film your kink or your fetish, they are doing so to make a viable product to sell to make a living off of.  There is nothing wrong with this, but be sure to do your research and do your due diligence in ensuring you will be portrayed as you want to be portrayed.  Ask for something for your club as compensation. You deserve epic treatment and utmost respect!