LA Pony and Critter Club 2024 Calendar

LA Pony and Critter Club 2024 Calendar (Membership includes all of our Club Events)

Play Dates are the second Saturday of every month


13th Play Date


10th Play Date

17th Draft Horse and Precision Games


2nd Long Distance Cart Race

9th Play Date

Optional Addition: Wonder Con in Anaheim March 29 – 31


13th Play Date


4th Derby Day

11th Play Date

Optional Addition: DomConLA Pony Show and Pet Show


8th Play Date

Optional Addition: June 29 – July 4 EQUUS International Pony Play Event


13th Play Date


10th Play Date

17th Western Day


14 Play Date

Optional Addition: Salt Lake City Comic Con September 19 – 21


5th Puppy Palooza

12th Play Date

19th Fox Hunt


9th Play Date

16th English Day


Optional Addition: LA Comic Con December 6 – 8

7th Holiday Party

14th Play Date

Optional Activities are not included in LAPACC Membership, they are outside events we as a club go to.

Friends of LAPACC Membership includes:

February 17th Draft Horse and Precision Games

March 2nd Long Distance Cart Race

May 4th Derby Day

August 17th Western Day

October 5th Puppy Palooza

November 16th English Day

Puppy Palooza!

Was a blast!

High Point winner 2023 Rune

Best in Show Pup 2023 Stag

Best Non-Pup 2023 Sei

Presentation Event

  • First Roxxil
  • Second Stag and Rune
  • Third Kev Dog
  • Fourth Jeffy

Freestyle Event

  • First Stag and Rune
  • Second Marsh and Kev Dog
  • Third Jeffy
  • Fourth Roxxil

Scent Trials

  • First Roxxil and Sei and Stag
  • Second Rune
  • Third Jeffy and Marsh
  • Fourth Kev Dog

Agility Course

  • First Rune
  • Second Roxxil
  • Third Kev Dog
  • Fourth Sei and Stag


  • First Stag
  • Second Rune
  • Third Roxxil
  • Fourth Kev Dog

Herding Event

  • First Rune
  • Second Stag
  • Third Roxxil
  • Fourth Sei

A Wonderful time was had by all!