You know you want me!

I am a Prize for a Pony, a fabulous opportunity and game for Ponies to play in 2022.

The Queens Cup is a lovely trophy and a cash award of $500.00.

To Enter this Game you must attend and participate in a minimum of three of the following events held at The Ranch in Los Angeles, California

1.) Romp and Trot, a Cart and Sled Pull Event: The Long Distance Cart Race (March 5)

2.) Derby Day: The Derby Race with Handler (May 28)

3.) Western Day: The Barrel Race (June 25)

4.) English Day: Dressage event (July 16)

5.) English Day: Scurry Driving Race (July 16)

Each event has its own type of race/event, and is clearly announced as The Queens Cup Race/Event.

The Queens Cup 2022

will be given to the Pony that participates in a minimum of 3 of our FIVE Pony
Play programs, and accumulates the largest amount of ribbon points,

1st Place = 3
2nd Place = 2
3rd Place = 1

This is a HIGH Point Ribbon Contest. Each event shall have one Pony race/event that The Queens Cup ribbons are awarded for. This will be a derby race, long distance cart race, western event (barrel race) or English (dressage and Scurry Driving race). Each event has its own type of race/event, and is clearly announced as The Queens Cup Race/Event 2015.

The prize is for the Pony. You do not need a partner nor the same Trainer for all events. As long as the Pony registers for the event, participates in whatever the Pony Play program for that event is (Example, The Derby – all the Pony races) and competes in the Queens Cup Race/Event for that event, then that is all that is required.

A single Pony may ask subMissAnn or any LA Pony an dCritter Club Trainer/Handler to take their reins at all the events. They will be at the all events as a Trainer, there to train, take reins, assist however they can, and in general, share the joy of Pony Play with participants.

Events using a Cart: to make them more fair, there will be one designated Driver.

Good Luck!