On Animal Role Play

Below, you will find some poems, essays, thoughts, and other tidbits our members would like to share with you about human-animal roleplay.


We celebrate the destruction of the human mind, the fundamental breakdown of the rational to the primal state.

In all forms of pet play we must let go of what ties us to our human minds. Back to basic animal needs, food, shelter, and warmth. It is a grand thing to find such joy and affection in being groomed and petted.
We rejoice in bondage, finding true freedom within our bonds.

The collar, the harness, the bit are all symbols of our subjugation. These items help us perform our duties and ensure our obedience. The rein to guide us, the leash to keep us by Master’s side, the collar to tell others we are owned. By being restrained like an animal, our animal side is set free.

We crave a master, someone to punish us, praise us and keep us safe.

If we have no owner are but strays with no place to call home. Wild and without purpose we are lessened by our singularity. No one to feed and groom us, no shelter from the storms we must now face alone. Having a master, knowing they will take care of you with an undying affection warms our soul. The whip and a firm guiding hand bring us to our true potential.

We are animals in human skin and we  invite you to join us.

by Gassed_Puppy

An Unforgettable Night

I once had the opportunity to sleep in a horse stall at the Farm in Kentucky for two nights.  Although I imagined things that could happen (as they equally could occur in a tent outside), I knew that I would not let the opportunity go by.  It was a very enlightening experience, and allowed me to experience a part of my pony self that I normally would not when doing pony play — from snuggling up in hay to peeing and defecating in another corner of my stall, which I would clean out the next morning.

When Dona (my trainer there) closed the stall door and left me for the night all my latent pony senses came alive — the heavy odor of new cut hay enveloped me even as it caressed my body.  Every creak of wood and breath of air resounded in my super-attuned pony ears.  As I lapped up water from the bucket that had been hung, droplets dripped from the rest of my chin.  While I did not eat as a pony that weekend, I’m sure that if given the opportunity I would have relished that as well.

I was very thankful to have had that opportunity and encourage others to try it.

Pony thoughts

(Blue Eyes)

[Note:  Blue Eyes was renamed jeté by his new owner.]

The cool caress of The hand,
a low voice, murmured encouragement
Sense of self, flown to
the deepest, dimmest passage of mind
I exist only at the ends of The Reins

The world shifts, technicolour and vivid
Scents, sounds closer and now settling into me
I breathe in, eager


The Command comes, i obey
the cool air tasting sweet, i surge and yearn to pull Them away upon my back
to share the flying freedom
i feel coursing through my body

An extension of The Will holding my reins
holds me, joyously, in check
keeping time, working, holding, waiting

For the next Command
i hold, i wait, i work
i stretch to see the connection
alive and flying
only at the Command

The Will is my eyes, my body, my breath
i am the extension.
The Command comes, and i answer
i obey.
The Command comes.
i obey.

The Command comes
i obey.

by Ponygirl Bixy


To BE a Pony is an individual decision. To ACT and PERFORM as a Pony
is a group function.

BLESSED is the Pony who has a dedicated Owner, for that Pony shall
romp forever in green pastures and shall be a subject of useful
exhibition and dutiful work.

Such Ponies will have the companionship’s of the corrals and shall
neither want for carrots nor the guidance of the buggy whip. Their tack
shall be oiled and their manes shall be combed.

ACCURSED is the Pony who grazes alone on the darkling plains in
forlorn search of both the firm grip on the reins and blessings of
duties to perform.

Here endeth the Lesson.

by Clovis Pony

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