Post-Pride Tips

Well, Pride month is over… but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be proud!

We were happy to see over 30 puppies at the LA Leather Contingent last month. 

Sadly, there were no ponies.

We don’t blame you; pavement can be hard on hooves! 

Here’s a subMissAnn pro-tip: slouchy leather boots (the kind you can buy at Renn Faire) are a great and far more comfortable alternative.

Remember, the most important thing to bring to parades or other outdoor events in the summer isn’t gear.  It’s water, sunscreen, and YOURSELF!  Gear is fun but all pets are welcome to events, because petplay is ultimately about how you feel, not about how you look.

And seriously: water and sunscreen are always good items to pack in your pony bags.

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