Pre-Hunt Social! Public Munch!

If you are interested in attending the spring fox hunt this year, please attend our social so we can give you the 411 on how we run our event.

Note that this year, the fox hunt coincides with IMsLBB.  If you are in San Jose on Saturday, be sure to attend subMissAnn’s ponyplay class.  If you’re staying in Los Angeles, though, the fox hunt might be right for you.

This year’s fox hunt takes place at Heaton Flats.  Information on the hunt itself is here, but we do ask that people attend the public social if they want to participate.  And why wouldn’t you want to come and carbo load with us on pizza before the big hunt?? 

The social will be held at Delicious Pizza on Adams Ave. at 7:30 this Tuesday, April 9th.  Click here for the Facebook event page.  Bring your appetite!

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