The Spring Fox Hunt

Derby Day and Tea (May 5th, 2012)

Circus Circus at DomCon (2012)

The DomCon L.A. Pony Show (2012)

The first ever Pony Show at DomCon L.A., separate from the Pet Show, with its very own judges: Mistress Servalan Sydney, Domina Snow, and Mistress Absolute.  DomConLA 2012 is produced by Mistress Cyan.

The Jamboree

Featuring: Fury Pony, Bijou Pony, Speckles Pony, Pink Ponygirl, Mars Pony, Pearl Pony, and Blue Eyes Pony!

The Fall Fox Hunt

The Long Beach Pride Parade (2012)

The Christopher Street West Pride Parade in Los Angeles (2012)

The Palm Springs Pride Parade (2012)