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We’re on Wikipedia!

Look everyone, we’re famous!

It was recently brought to our attention that the Wikipedia entry for Animal Roleplay references our Fox Hunts, as follows:

One group, the LA Ponies and Critters Club, takes the community idea of BDSM animal roleplay further by staging a mock foxhunt in local forested areas. These events bring together ponyplayers, puppyplayers and their respective humans for a cooperative, community bonding activity. One of the canine players volunteers to be the “fox” and marks a trail in the forest. The other puppyplayers form the pack of “hounds” that search out the fox and bark/howl to bring the ponyplayers and their “riders” to capture the “fox.

How exciting is that?

The Fall Fox Hunt 2014

This year, we had our Fox Hunt at Heaton Flats in the San Gabriel Mountains.  Who doesn’t love camping?!  With three foxes and three hounds, the Hunt could have gone either way.  But this was truly a year for the foxes… all three of those wily critters got away.  Good job, little ones!  Below are some videos.  Shot from the rider’s point of view, these videos will let you re-live the Hunt whether you were there or not!