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Hi, I'm Pepper: a little terrier with a big heart! Join me and the LA Pony and Critter Club for various meet-ups, events, and discussions about human-animal roleplay, BDSM, and good old-fashioned fun. ;)

Pony Games

We have worked hard to expand our petplay into as many realms as possible, from races to obedience to dressage to hunting to cart- and sled-pulling. We are always looking for new and creative ways to express ourselves. Do you have any ideas for pony games? If so, let us know. Each year we have tried something new! EQUUS is one of the best places to explore all the ways to engage in pony play, from open freestyle to more disciplined forms of expression. It’s all about having fun.

Let Yourself “Off Leash” in 2020!

Happy new year everyone! We hope you all had a lovely holiday season. This year, we have a lot to look forward to. Our calendar is updated with our playdates and major events, and we’re sure we’ll have more as the year unfolds.

Want to know what the North American Pony and Trainer title-holders are up to? Check out the travel schedule for Trainer Jenn and Tromper by clicking here. Thinking of competing yourself for the title this year? Brush up on your pony gaits by clicking here for a series of lovely training videos featuring our very own Beauty, Speckles, Ponygirl Bixy and Ebony Midnight.

Mark Your Calendars for 2020

It’s almost 2020. Do you have plans for the new year yet? WE DO! Be sure to check our calendar for event listings; we have at least one event a month.

Some end of the year news from our newsletter is below.

Membership Dues Drive
We have $374.83 in our Club Treasury as of today. Club membership dues are $165 per year and include entrance to all play dates and events, such as the  Spring Cart Pull and Romp, and Spring and Fall Fox Hunts. Our funds are also spent on web site costs, space or facility reservations for our events, ribbons and awards for our events, advertising (such as Palm Flyers or web ads for an event), and leather gifts to acknowledge outstanding service in our club. We also accept $14.00 per month payments. It is deeply appreciated that folk who are participating in our club regularly become Card Carrying Members.

Play Dates 2020
January 25
February 22
March 21 (at Mile Square Park, Orange County, Shelter #5)
April 18
May 17
June 20
July 11
August 8
September  12
October 24
November 14
December  5
Last but not least: Holiday Party December 12

Spring Cart Pull and Romp at Mile Square Park, March 21, Shelter #5  11 am to 3 PM
We have reserved the Shelter. You can park on the street (if available) and walk to the shelter or pay the parking fee ($5) for the reserved lot.  If it rains, the event is cancelled.

Spring Fox Hunt Camping April 10, Friday, 2 PM to April 12, Sunday, Noon. 
Hunt Saturday April 11 10 am to 3 PM Point Mugu Sycamore Campground

Fall Fox Hunt Camping October 2, Friday 2 PM to October 4, Sunday, Noon.
Hunt Saturday October 3rd 10 am to 3 PM Rose Valley Campground.

This is ALL we have planned for 2020, in addition to Equus International Pony Play Event August 14 to 16.  As always, volunteer work by non-Ponies is greatly appreciated.

We are seeking members of our club who want to be responsible for producing Puppy Palooza and The Derby.  Both are our animal charity fund raisers.  The format is pretty worked out for both of these events as for as props, awards, Judge Sheets.  We simply need enthused folk who want to organize advertising, set up, event managing, clean up.  Miss Ann and Pepper Pups are available for guidance but cannot produce all the events for our club.  This is a group effort.  Contact us if you’d like to volunteer!

And that is all the news.  Congratulations on a GREAT Year – 2019.  

Our events were fun and attended by a diverse group of folk playing in harmony. We raised over $1025.00 for charity.   I am very proud of us.

Wrapping Up 2019

We’ve had a great year.  Don’t forget us in 2020!  We are looking forward to ongoing monthly playdates, Derby Day, Puppypalooza, fox hunts, EQUUS, and more. 

To reminisence about good times, you can view all of the 2019 EQUUS videos by clicking here.

For ongoing information about what our 2019 North American Pony and Trainer, Jenn and Tromper, are up to, click here.

And of course, you can always find us on Facebook!

LAPCC Holiday Party!

Every year, we enjoy a holiday party to wrap up the year.  This year, the party will be held at a private residence, on December 14th, from 1 – 5 p.m.  This is a potluck event so please bring a dish to share!  As always, we will have a hand-crafted gift exchange.  Bring a gift to participate!  To get the event address, contact us, or subscribe to our Yahoo group, where we often send out newsletter to vetted members with important information.  Click here for the Yahoo group link!

In the meantime, check out this cool video about how (bio) dogs think.  It’s very informative for owners, handlers, trainers, and pets alike!

Happy Thanksgiving!

As the year comes to a close, we’d like to thank everyone for their ongoing support for our club.  We have made so many friends and had so much fun.  We have also had the opportunity to give back; this year we raised over $1,000 to give to the No Kill Shelter of Los Angeles, the ASPCA, and Planned Parenthood.  Stay tuned for news about our December events.  We want to end this decade with a couple of fun events!


It’s Never Too Early to Start Thinking About…

Last week was L.A. Pup, a local contest for puppies.

But what about the ponies?  It’s never too early to start thinking about EQUUS, which also hosts the annual North American Pony/Trainer title contest!  If you are a pony or trainer and would like to serve your community for a year while bearing this prestigious title, why not consider running in 2020?

The application is here; click to follow to the official website link!

The judges for our leather title will be Mistress Cyan St. James, Liza BG Sibley, Jody Sibley, Rebecca Wilcox and Trixie LaFontaine.

Of course, we always welcome participants and spectators as well.  Just look at how much fun we had at our draft games last year!