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Hi, I'm Pepper: a little terrier with a big heart! Join me and the LA Pony and Critter Club for various meet-ups, events, and discussions about human-animal roleplay, BDSM, and good old-fashioned fun. ;)

PetPlay Podcast!

After two weeks of competitions, we know a lot of our pets are tired, and so we invite you to grab a cup of tea, kick up your feet, and relax while you listen to a petplay podcast!

This week on We’re Not Together with Zack and Haley, our own subMissAnn and Tony Bark sat down to talk about puppy play and pony play.

You can listen on Apple Podcasts here or on Soundcloud here.

Want more?  Check out the We’re Not Together Facebook page here!

DomCon Pet Show

This weekend is another pony show.  If you missed Derby Day, don’t despair; there are still ribbons to be won this Saturday!

The Copper Award goes to the Outstanding Trainer/Handler, the most promising new Pony receives the Horseshoe, the best Sportsmanship folk is honored, and every participant is a winner with a medallion.


Not a pony?  Not a problem!  There is also a pet show just before the pony show, at 12:30 pm, in the same room.  Back-to-back pony and critter shows?!  What could be better!

Another hunt over!

What a weekend!  We had a lot of new faces show up to our spring fox hunt; this year, we had four hounds, two foxes, a pony, and, surprisingly, a kitty!  A good time was had by all… especially the foxes, both of whom got away.  Good job, guys!

Our next update will hopefully have some pictures of our fabulous Pet Park at IMsLBB.  It was a very big weekend for us.  Take some time to rest, because remember, the Derby is fast approaching!  (Click here for info, and to purchase your tickets in advance!)

Pre-Hunt Social! Public Munch!

If you are interested in attending the spring fox hunt this year, please attend our social so we can give you the 411 on how we run our event.

Note that this year, the fox hunt coincides with IMsLBB.  If you are in San Jose on Saturday, be sure to attend subMissAnn’s ponyplay class.  If you’re staying in Los Angeles, though, the fox hunt might be right for you.

This year’s fox hunt takes place at Heaton Flats.  Information on the hunt itself is here, but we do ask that people attend the public social if they want to participate.  And why wouldn’t you want to come and carbo load with us on pizza before the big hunt?? 

The social will be held at Delicious Pizza on Adams Ave. at 7:30 this Tuesday, April 9th.  Click here for the Facebook event page.  Bring your appetite!

Featured in LA Weekly…

If you’re a fan of horse races, then you’ll LOVE Derby Day.  This is one of the oldest LAPCC events and this year it will be the biggest ever; we have a new venue, the MCC United Church of Christ in the Valley in Hollywood.

As always, Derby Day is May 4th, the same day as the Kentucky Derby, and the $20 fee goes to NKLA shelters.  Prizes include tickets to DomCon LA, which is the very next weekend; we are giving out tickets to the best pony, trainer, and hat.  So spectators, make sure you wear your finest Derby hats!  We also have smaller prizes, including homemade leather-scented soap; you can bet on your favorite ponies to win.

Our event is featured in LA Weekly; click here to check out the article!

See you there!

The Fox Hunt Is Rapidly Approaching!

Although several of our members will be spending mid-April at the Ms. International Leather and Boot Black event, we are still having our biannual fox hunt!

The Spring Fox Hunt is Saturday, April 13th, with an 10 am check-in  The hunt begins at 11 am sharp.

The Fox Hunt is at Middle Lion Camp Site, elevation 3160 m. It has developed campground, with restrooms, campfire sites, tent camping, space for rv/camping trailers, Trailhead, Hiking Trails, horse trails, mountain bike trails, fishing (you must have a license). You can drive right up to your campsite or park for the event.

People who want to camp, it is advised you arrive early (Thursday or Friday) to snag up a camping spot.


Basically you take the 101 to the 33 north to a right on Rose Valley Road to a right on Middle Lion Campground. Now isn’t that easy?

More specific: Directions to MiddleLion from the 101 Freeway take the 33 North. Follow Highway 33 north of Ojai for 14.7 miles to the Rose Valley Road turnoff (6N31) which is at mile marker 25.84. Turn right and follow the paved road 4.8 miles. Turn right and go 0.8 miles to Middle Lion Campground. The elevation is 3250 feet. Watch out for the rough sections of road!

The Middle Lion Campground is no longer an Adventure Pass campground. This site is managed by the Parks Management for the Forest Service. $20/night for camping, $10 per vehicle. Day use fee (within the campground) is $10 per vehicle or you can purchase and use the Parks Management Pass for $50 (day use only). Pass can be purchased through the Parks Management Company 805-434-1996 or

We start the Hunt with a Toast at 11 am. We release the Foxes at 11:30 am. You must arrive on time. The check in is 10 am. Cost: $15.00 and a side dish for the Feast.

You must be in shape to be a fox, be able to run, climb for at least an hour. You will be running for your life; you will feel all the emotions. This is not for the faint of heart.

You need a “Guide” to go with you. We do not let anyone off into the National Park alone. This person needs to be as physically fit as you, if not more. This person will be marking the trail. You both can mark your trail, but the Guide is responsible for marking the trail. W will give you flags and pre-cut strips of bright plastic tape to mark your trail. You must mark the trail so we can follow it, every 30 to 50 feet where we can see the next tag from the one we find. The Guide is responsible for carrying your water. Please figure out how your Guide will carry water for you both. Bring a whistle, a loud distress whistle, incase you get lost, or fall, or have an emergency.

We are in the National Park. There is a river/creek you will be crossing (most likely).  Wear shoes you have no problem getting wet in. Bring a dry pair of shoes and socks to change into if you need to. As a fox you need to think about costume change or dry clothes, feet, etc. after the Hunt. The river was depressingly low the last year we went; however it has been raining a LOT.

We cannot watch over all the Foxes. We need you to pick a very responsible person to care for you in our place. We will be distracted at times, handling event logistics and you need a dedicated person watching you.

There is no running water nor plumbing at this campsite, nor electricity, internet access, or phone service. If you have an issue with this, this is not the event for you. You must bring ALL your water and you must contribute to leaving the campsite in better shape than we found it. Like good girl and boy scouts.  🙂