Petpay in the Media

Petplay has been growing!  Don’t believe me?

Consider the petplay episode of “Slutever” from March, where Karley goes to interview some ponies in the Rocky Mountains.  (Watch a clip here!)

Or look to the New York Times, which published a piece on the pup packs of San Francisco in April, titled “We Live in Packs.”  That same month, the Austin Chronicle published an article on petplay titled “Barking Up Austin’s Kink Tree.”

These are just two examples of the various petplay communities in OTHER cities.  We’re lucky to have so many petplay activities in Los Angeles.  This month, we have play date next week and a cart pull the week after that.  And in August, of course, we have EQUUS… an international event!

This year’s presenter is Aaleyah from Sweden, who will be teaching a class on harness design.  Be sure to get your tickets soon, before we sell out!


PS: The articles and clips above are non-fiction.  But petplayers are also appearing in fiction, too.  If you have seen “Umbrella Academy” on Netflix, keep an eye out for some puppies in the rave scene in episode 7!

Post-Pride Tips

Well, Pride month is over… but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be proud!

We were happy to see over 30 puppies at the LA Leather Contingent last month. 

Sadly, there were no ponies.

We don’t blame you; pavement can be hard on hooves! 

Here’s a subMissAnn pro-tip: slouchy leather boots (the kind you can buy at Renn Faire) are a great and far more comfortable alternative.

Remember, the most important thing to bring to parades or other outdoor events in the summer isn’t gear.  It’s water, sunscreen, and YOURSELF!  Gear is fun but all pets are welcome to events, because petplay is ultimately about how you feel, not about how you look.

And seriously: water and sunscreen are always good items to pack in your pony bags.

More Fun in the Sun

Looking for some cool summer events?

If you’re a pup, consider a puppy pool party!

Saturday, June 29th, in Palm Springs, there’s a MASSIVE puppy pool party.  $25 includes lunch and an open bar.  This is an all-gender and clothing optional party… do hoods and tails count as clothes?!  Who knows!  Buy your tickets here and find out.

For critters of all sorts, the SoCal Creatures are having an INDOOR mosh.  $25 for an indoor space and potluck lunch.  Tickets are VERY limited so grab yours ASAP by clicking here.

Summer Event News

Happy summer, ponies!

If you’re a fan of Ponies on the Delta (a large, outdoor camp located in Springfield, Louisiana), then you’ll be happy to know that registration is open!  Their 2019 camp for ponies, critters, and kinksters is November 8th – 10th, and their 2020 Ponies on the Delta event is in April.  Please note that their domain has changed; you can visit them here!

Can’t wait that long?  Never fear; EQUUS is just around the corner, and tickets are still available!  This is an international event and so we have ponies come from all over.  EQUUS 2019 is taking place at Sanctuary in Los Angeles, from August 9th to August 12th.  Buy your tickets here!

Speaking of international events, if you are a puppy, be sure to get tickets and hotel registration for International Puppy and Handler Weekend in Indianapolis, July 25 – July 28th.  The hotel is expected to sell out so be sure to register soon.  Click here to do so!

And don’t forget… it’s Pride month!  Ponies can be any sexuality, gender, or sexual orientation.  The most important thing is that we all love and support each other.  Be proud, ponies!

This Weekend: Monthly Playdate

This Saturday is the LA Pony and Critter Club Play Date!
Join us in the Olympic Forest at Kenneth Hahn Park.  We meet under the big tree with an Olympic Bench from 1 – 4 pm.  (Click the image below for full size.)

Suggestions: bring your outdoor park blanket to lay on, a freesbee, carts to pull. A jacket if it gets cold or windy.

We will bring water, a pony grooming bag, and reins.

Always so much fun; whether you go to be social or get into headspace, please join us! Pets are welcome, primals are welcome, and you are welcome! LAPACC is an inclusive club;  ALL pony and critters are welcome in the club as well as trainers and handlers. The diversity of the club enables us to exchange ideas and possibilities and to be welcoming to all individuals regardless of their level of involvement or interest levels.

See you there!

Animal Menagerie in the Inland Empire

Can you think a better name for an establishment than “THE MENAGERIE?”  The Menagerie has graced downtown Riverside for over 25 years, and next weekend, you can attend a petplay event with us, with pup performances, raffles… and our very own subMissAnn giving a fabulous class on ponyplay.


Proceeds from the raffles (and suggested door donation) are being split 50/50 to fund the travels of the Inland Empire Leather Ambassador and of LA Pup Tony Bark, who will be competing at the International Puppy/Trainer contest this July. 

A pop-up shop in the back by Kilted Bros will have tails for sale in all sorts of colors and styles.  Check out the Facebook event page here for all of the details.

We hope to see you there!

Leather Petplay, this weekend in OC!

If you don’t have any plans this weekend, why not head over to the Frat House in Orange County for an all-critter leather night?

The Facebook event page is here.  This is a 21+ event, but good news: no cover charge!

Edit: The Frat House is the last standing gay bar in Garden Grove, according to the LA Times.  Please show them your love… they have many great events.  We’ll keep you updated on future critter events!

PetPlay Podcast!

After two weeks of competitions, we know a lot of our pets are tired, and so we invite you to grab a cup of tea, kick up your feet, and relax while you listen to a petplay podcast!

This week on We’re Not Together with Zack and Haley, our own subMissAnn and Tony Bark sat down to talk about puppy play and pony play.

You can listen on Apple Podcasts here or on Soundcloud here.

Want more?  Check out the We’re Not Together Facebook page here!

DomCon Pet Show

This weekend is another pony show.  If you missed Derby Day, don’t despair; there are still ribbons to be won this Saturday!

The Copper Award goes to the Outstanding Trainer/Handler, the most promising new Pony receives the Horseshoe, the best Sportsmanship folk is honored, and every participant is a winner with a medallion.


Not a pony?  Not a problem!  There is also a pet show just before the pony show, at 12:30 pm, in the same room.  Back-to-back pony and critter shows?!  What could be better!