Puppypalooza: Encore

LA’s premier human Dog Show, Puppypalooza, is back for an encore!

On February 9th, we had over 30 attendees for Puppypalooza, and earned $650 for the ASPCA. We had so much fun, we decided to do it again!

Join us Saturday, October 19th, for six hours of games designed especially for you.  We celebrate our diversity and welcome all four-legged humans, including but not limited to, leather pups, rubber pups, foxes, kittens, and everything in between!

Our event is held at Sanctuary Studios LAX, which has previously hosted EQUUS, petplay socials, and petplay playdates.  Check-in is at 10 am; events start at 11 am.  Registration is $20 online and $25 at the door.

Click here for the Facebook event page.

Click here to buy tickets on Eventbrite.

Fall Fox Hunt Socials!

We’re gearing up for the fall fox hunt!  Now that we’re reserved all of the Rose Valley Campground in Ojai, it’s time to talk logistics!

Have you RSVPed for the hunt yet?

If not, take a minute to check out our Facebook event page.

We also have two fox hunt socials coming up. 

The first is Monday, September 23rd, and the second is Thursday, September 26th.  Go to either event for delicious pizza and to ask any questions you might have about the hunt!


It may feel like summer, but autumn is just around the corner, and that means we have an upcoming fox hunt!

Our campsites are prepaid, no fee required. There 3 open to public sites. You need a parking permit for the Las Padres National Forest. You can get this at REI and most camping stores.

Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club will be at Rose Valley Campground in Ojai, California, Saturday, October 5.  We have reserved the entire campground. Animal role play in the wilderness in a great location?  Here we come!

EQUUS photos are on the way…

We are currently compiling all the photos from EQUUS to load to our DropBox.  If you attended and would like photos, you should have been sent a link.  If not, please contact us!

As always, we check all photos to ensure that they ONLY feature people who have given us their consent.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook to see the most up-to-date photos; we love featuring our beautiful ponies!

EQUUS Round-Up

What a wonderful weekend of pony play EQUUS was!

Here are the results.

CONGRATULATIONS to Handler Jenn and Tromper for winning the 2020 North American Pony and North American Trainer Title!  You earned it!

You might remember Handler Jenn and Tromper from a photo two weeks ago.  They are together on the far right!

Other champions included:

  • Grand Champion: Shire
  • Reserve Grand Champion: Cardholder
  • High Point Winner: Pandora

Of course everyone performed fantastically and the biggest winners of all were those who attended.  Thank you to our wonderful volunteer staff and our MC, Sarge.

We hope to see everyone next year along with some new faces as well!


This is it – your VERY LAST CHANCE to get tickets for EQUUS!  Buy them here, or forever hold your peace… EQUUS is this weekend!

In addition to hosting the North American Pony/Trainer Contest for the 2020 North American Pony/Trainer Title, we have many, many wonderful events with prizes to be earned, such as ribbons, plates, and belt buckles.

Our judges include Noishe, the 2018 Grand Champion winner for EQUUS, Honydove, the 2018 High Point Award and Pony Spirit award winner.  We are honored to have them!

Class Photo: Thunder in the Mountains

What a lovely time we had at Thunder in the Mountains in Colorado!  Look closely; there’s a deer mixed in with these ponies!

If you missed it, never fear.  Many of these ponies will be at EQUUS, including Clover (black stallion with green bridle), Cardholder (tan and white), and Tromper (black an white with brown harness.)  We hope to see you there, too… over 25 ponies are currently planning to attend!

Ponies AND Critters

People often ask what constitutes a “critter.”

Often, human ponies are seen on two legs, giving them a greater range of flexibility for running, jumping, or cart-pulling.  “Critters” evokes the image of an animla that scampers on all fours.

The LAPCC uses the term “critter” in place of “puppy” or “pet” because we are an all-inclusive group.  We don’t merely cater to ponies or puppies (although these are certainly among the most common)!  And we welcome primals, ferals, and “strays” in addition to pets.  “Critter” is a term that encompasses not only domestic animals such as puppies, kittens, and bunnies, but also more exotic animals such as foxes, wolves, and tigers.  If you are a critter, you are welcome here!  Petplay is only limited by the imagination, so we see all sorts of “critters,” including mythological and hybrid animals.  Whatever you like to play as, we’d love to have you!

Especially if you’re both a pony AND a critter…

International Events

The Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club is based in Los Angeles, of course, but you can find our members all over.

This weekend, members of the LAPCC will be attending two huge events.

First, at Thunder in the Mountains, subMissAnn will be presenting on Speed and Precision Games for Ponies, as well as Grooming and Aftercare for the human pony.  If you didn’t buy tickets online then don’t worry; you can purchase tickets at the door.  Be aware that Thunder in the Mountains is a membership-only event; check out the website linked above for more info!  Thunder in the Mountains is an annual event held in Colorado and has been active for 22 years now.

Second, Pepper Pups (aka Tony Bark) is competing at the International Puppy and Handler weekend‘s International Puppy and Trainer contest.  IPAHW is being held in Indianapolis and although the hotel is SOLD OUT, tickets to the event itself are still available!

Finally, back home in Los Angeles, in August, EQUUS International Pony Play Event is August 9th – 11th, and still has a limited number of tickets available.  You have until August to register!

Remember to check our calendar for news on upcoming events so that you don’t miss out on early registration to major events… it’s usually cheaper to purchase tickets early!